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Jankel Al-Jawad Camlock System


FDS equipped Jankel AI-Jawad

The AI-Jawad armoured troop carrier can be fitted with a FDS system to allow cost effective multi-funtioning of the base vehicle. The system is tailored to suit the End User specification and can include assault ladder equipment, gantry, bridges and ramps.

The weapon ring can also be adapted as a simple ladder turn table. Roof access is by a double width ladder complete with handrails.

In service in the Middle East.


FDS equipped Jankel Stirling

The Stirling Tactical Intervention Vehicle (TIV) is a bespoke fully armoured Counter Terrorist vehicle. The highly evolved FDS RIS system fitted to the Stirling can enable fully equipped troops entry to all available doors on all currently in service commercial aircraft, building up to 3 storey, buses, trains and ships in port.

The system includes ladder packs, a ladder turntable and aircraft gantry together with height adjustable bridging and ramping equipment. The complete equipment package can be contained within the rear section of the TIV allowing the vehicle to operate independently of larger support vehicles.

In service in Europe and the Middle East.

FDS equipped Jankel Guardian

The Guardian Armoured Support Vehicle is a sophisticated multi-functioning armoured vehicle which has the capability to look unobtrusive for use as an everyday support vehicle.

The vehicle can be quickly transformed with FDS Riot Control Shields fitted to the bonnet and windows and a ladder entry system attached to the roof mounted equipment RIS tubes.

In service with various UK Police Forces.


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Jankel Al-Jawad Camlock System
Jankel Al-Jawad Armoured Troop Carrier with FDS Entry System
Ford F550 Camlock
Armoured Ford F550 with forward bridge and combination ladder
Jankel Stirling Camlock TIV
Jankel TIV Stirling Counter Terrorist Vehicle with FDS RIS System
Janekl Guardian Camlock Riot Protection
Jankel Guardian Support Vehicles with FDS Riot Protection and Ladder RIS tubes
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