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Low Level Ladder Platforms are designed to both assist the entry into low level targets and to provide a stable platform to work from. The ladder platform is manufactured from aluminium alloy and fitted with a non slip platform of 460 mm width x 250 mm deep.

The ladder platform is available in six different heights and is ideal for entering ground floor windows, buses, coaches and railway carriages. The ladder platform is fitted as standard with high grip rubber feet at the top and bottom contact faces and a rubber coated face bar is available as an option.


Low Level Steps

Low Level Steps in widths up to 0.813m can be manufactured on request.

Low Level Platform with Top Rubber Foot
Ladder Size Part Number
0.615m x 0.460m CEL3802
0.865m x 0.460m CEL3803
1.115m x 0.460m CEL3804
1.365m x 0.460m CEL3805
1.615m x 0.460m CEL3806
1.865m x 0.460m CEL3807
Low Level Platform with Face Bar
Ladder Size Part Number
0.615m x 0.460m CEL3902
0.865m x 0.460m CEL3903
1.115m x 0.460m CEL3904
1.365m x 0.460m CEL3905
1.615m x 0.460m CEL3906
1.865m x 0.460m CEL3907

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Low Level Platform Ladder
Non-slip top platform
Low Level Ladder Rubber Foot
Standard Rubber Foot
Low Level Ladder Face Bar
Optional rubber coated face bar
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