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Maritime Marine Ship Boarding Ladder


The Marine Boarding Ladder was developed for British Armed Forces to enable Royal Marines to board ships under way for cargo inspections. The equipment which is now used by Military, Police and Custom’s Officers for numerous maritime operations is constructed with a sealed aluminium upper section and a flexible shock resistant lower section to prevent damage to the RIB.

The ladder top hook, is simply placed over handrails or the ships outer kickplates allowing the lower section stand off to touch the side of the vessel. FDS standard high grip rungs are used on both the upper and lower sections to provide a sure footing.

The sealed upper section is fully buoyant even in fresh water allowing immediate recovery if accidentally lost overboard. The Marine ladder is fitted with two cushion rests and a lashing strap to secure the upper section to the vessel in rough seas.


Marine Boarding Ladder

The Marine Boarding Ladder is currently available in two lengths, and can be specified with a lightweight flexible section. The ladders are 0.460m wide.

Marine Boarding Ladder Mk2
Ladder Size Weight (Kg / lb) Part Number
Boarding Ladder 2m 10.0 / 22.1 MBL5005
Boarding Ladder 3m 12.0 / 26.5 MBL5001
Flexible Extension 1m 2.0 / 4.4 WRL1000

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Maritime Marine Ship Baording Ladder
Trials programme in the Middle East
Marine Boarding Ladder Flexible Section
1m flexible section is avaialble as an optional extra
Marine Boarding Ladder
Fresh water flotation trials
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