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FDS manufacture a range of multi-level heavy duty Team Entry extension ladders designed for Special Operations type uses. The ladders are manufactured from structural aluminium with a heavily serrated rung pattern giving excellent grip to the operative even in poor conditions.

The ladders are fitted with full length nylon slides to reduce the noise caused from metal to metal contact and are supplied as standard with sliding section Velcro straps and are finished in a fine texture black powder coating.

A range of additional features can also be specified depending on the End User requirement. These features include: Base bushes to allow the ladder to be attached to a vehicle an top bushes to allow stand off and stabiliser type platforms to be attached to the top of the ladder.

A range of accessories is also available for the Team entry ladder (see Ladder Accessories) including: Ladder Cushion Rests, Side Steps & Foot platforms.


Multi-Level Extension Triple Stile Ladders

Non standard lengths can be manufactured, if specific sizes are required.

FDS recommend the Working Load Limit for this range of ladders as 410kg / 904lb at 75 degrees. Catastrophic failure occurs at 1250kg / 2,756lb.

Multi-Level Extension Triple Stile – Base Section Width 0.813m
Ladder Size Weight (Kg / lb) Part Number
2.50m to 4.00m 30.0 / 66.1 CAL3701
3.00m to 5.00m 35.0 / 77.1 CAL3703
3.50m to 6.00m - / - CAL3704
3.75m to 6.50m 43.0 / 94.7 CAL3705
4.00m to 7.00m 45.0 / 99.2 CAL3707

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Team Entry Extension Ladder
4.0m-7.0m Team Entry Extension Ladder Ref. CAL 3707
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Triple Stile Team Entry Extension Ladder
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